For the production of our wines Benegas Lynch and Benegas Estate we use 100% own grapes from our vineyards Finca Libertad and La Encerrada.

In this way we are able to maintain our own style and homogeneity, through the knowledge of our terroir and a very strict quality control.

The Grapes are manually harvested in small plastic boxes of 20 kg. Federico and his team do the sensorial taste of the grapes and seeds of every variety before deciding the picking time.

When the grapes arrive to the winery the temperature is checked and if necessary the boxes are kept in a temperature controlled area before they are sent to the manual selection table where leaves and rotten berries are discarded.

After passing the two selection tables, the berries are transferred directly to the concrete tanks where they will start their fermentation and maceration processes.

Firstly a cold maceration is done in order to potentiate the primary aromas of the grapes.

Before starting the alcoholic fermentation, the temperature is raised to an average of 24° C / 75° F and selected yeasts are added. After this, the traditional maceration is done for 2 to 4 weeks, depending of the type of wine we are producing.